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Joydip Acharjee

Joydip Acharjee

Joydip is currently living and working in Baroda, Gujrat, IN.

Joydip Acharjee

My art practice revolves around the changing nature of cities in relation to architecture and the enforcement of man in natural spaces.

In my recent observations, I was more inclined to the changing nature of landscapes in various parts of the city and the process of constructing structures.

After the lockdown in 2020, I went back from Gujarat to my home state, Tripura for a site specific residency .  It was after a long time that, I was experiencing my land so closely and in such a detail. The residency was situated in a small village named “Bamutia”, which is close to the Indo-Bangladesh Border in a Forest. The area is filled with rubber plantations, in very defined patterns that help extract the rubber from the trees.

During the first few days of observation, I found this planned pattern of planting trees in forest to be  quite unique and strange. I connect these patterns with my older drawings done in the city visually in many aspects. During the residency, I worked on the idea of changing the landscape through an attempt of impacting its visual with my work process as an act of controlling its natural appearance for certain period.

I worked collaboratively with people from the village to create a few structures of organic forms with M.D.F Ply. These structures were created in various dimensions to signify industrial sharp geometric products. We placed them  into various formations between the rubber trees to create visual illusions of the site. They were illusions created and controlled by me. The whole process was supported largely by the villagers and the children from the town. The formation created a completely different geometrical depth and feeling to the vision of the site.

The work process and installation was an attempt to capture the changing nature of the land and to surprise the viewer through various presentations of abstract forms as visual illusions of that site.

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