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Pranab Chakraborty

Pranab Chakraborty

Pranab is currently living and working in Agartala, Tripura, IN.

Pranab Chakraborty

“Land is marked “ this collaborative art activity organized by a group of artist at Bamutia of west Tripura District from 1 st January – 10 th January 2021 . The area is situated where the land is already politically and geographically marked by the Indo Bangla border. Here my thoughts and ideas started through the subjectiveness of this project . I have been dissolving myself with atmospheric behaviour of this society and there people .

I believe that, the sustainability of art activity is based on purposes and requirement of human society . For the last few years I have been putting my effort on it. There are many layers of thoughts and intention worked behind that activity by named “land is marked”.

During that time , I was trying to particularized my frame of understanding and created a structure of Flag to symbolise the establishment of authoritative behaviour . It is a fact that “FLAG” has been used as a symbols with positive associations from our experience with physical space , and  symbol of establishment and relationship between time -space-community. Now my interestedness to host the cultural identity of materials and this land which is marked …

( Here my display is inspired by the visual and form of Buddhist flag .)

the making process – collective materials -bamboo, bamboo straw , rubber

sheet , enamel colour , etc.

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