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“My work tends to focus upon the electromagnetic spectrum as well as the evolution of man and his wealth of material. I have been concerned about those health problems which causes by the development of industrial sectors.

I have started practicing watercolor recently after a break and this series is inspired by the current situation, environmental, social, and political issues, which we all are facing due to pandemic. Thus, I also tend to focus upon the air pollution in India turning as a serious health issue along with the Virus. As per the studies, out of the most polluted cities in the world, 22 out of 30 are in India. And the use of a mask for humans gets mandatory not only for this pandemic but also for inhaling the harmful fumes of air pollution. This whole series is developed keeping both the issues in mind. During the lockdown, the environment was rejuvenating itself, with less human interference and the percentage of pollution was reduced. After total unlock things will again go around as it was before.

Mask has become an important factor, with a shift in our lifestyle. In my works, the faces of people are covered with masks by which I want to convey that people are covering themselves not only from outside but they are hiding from inside too. The inhuman behavior towards migrants and poor sections are tragedies of our social and political stigmas. The blurred and smoggy images of figures are intentionally done to show the instability of our lives and the uncertainty of our future. Hence, getting more cautious in helping our environment and our health by staying safe, is the only way to express our concerns to our surroundings.”


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