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“I usually work with the landscape, creating land art, and embracing nature geographically as well as the people who are involved in it. Involving the aspects of the way they live in and perform the day-to-day activities with the environment.

Thus my ‘Journey of the passer-by’ is toil of the migrant workers residing and earning their living in different parts of India. Today we can see how contamination through one person to another has caused such pandemic around the world. This consequential issue is focusing my work on the vulnerability of the current situation. Emphasizing on the migrants and their issues of losing jobs, shelter, and fighting for the sustenance of life. They are walking along the roads through different means with a hope of reaching home, to feel safe. Though they started their journey with hope and custody of a safe home, Is it still there? Are they going to face more consequences after they reach? Or some more challenges in life are waiting for them? These questions were hammering my mind and those queries decked upon this series. I have tried showing the journey of the common men through the change of time, space, and land within my work.

Therein this entire process in quarantine leads me on a collection of materials from my surroundings like using natural fibers from vegetables, fruits, jute, hay, etc. Enhancing them with different shapes and sizes then initiating with my own reflecting thoughts. Hence, a shift in this physical and subsequent consideration of the current situation has come up with the idea of this whole factor so profoundly in our lives we are living in.”


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