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“The architecture and sculptures reflect the culture and ethos of the time and its significance. During this outbreak, everything is shut and the safety of human life is significant. And the heritage sites have been shut and abandoned without human interference. I feel this is a good sign too, thus these heritage sites are less communicated and vandalism to these places has lessened. As humans minimalized their movement these sites are breathing freely, therefore staying at home made existence safe for our surroundings too.

I tried to develop awareness through my works enhance life through stories I have heard, about the yesteryears of these heritage sites. What I carve on the stones is based on my experiences and impressions. My sculptures are miniature versions of heritage sites around the country. I am concerned about the fate of the monuments and the complete lack of sensitivity of the contemporary times to conserve and save them. In the process, I attempt to bring out the neglect and apathy these sites suffer at the hands of urbanization, I do not intend to re-create or make replicas of the original. My works are my interpretations of the historical marvels in the context of the fast urbanizing pace. I feel it is a small way to preserve the memory of this important and integral part of our heritage.

In this context, I tend to work upon creating alertness and safeguarding the heritage sites and old architectural buildings around us. This pandemic has kept us inside and curtailed the interference to these sites which I feel positive about this situation.”


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