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“The pandemic which we are facing all over the world for the past few months has made us realize the facts of life. This has made us live an indefinite world making us believe that we are held captive in our own homes. Being a Goan, Goa is my home town and since March, April, May of lockdown has made me think in a positive perspective towards it. This is the period when we Goans use to stocking up our essential food for the rainy seasons, making provisions to make these supplies available for use in the future.

The lockdown has made me relate home quarantine with Purument (provision or supplies during monsoons) as a constructive process. Being in quarantine people are keeping themselves safe and preserving their future life just the way we preserve food for monsoon through Purument. As I believe that, without making provisions one cannot expect to perceive the future. I grew up seeing my elders preserving food in a ceramic jar, which makes me relate to the current situation we are facing. I have represented the Goan architecture inside the form of the preservative jar which reassembles the families making efforts to preserve or safeguarding their loved ones.

Before this pandemic, we all were connected to the world and mostly socializing in mass. But this has somehow for a time being has brought us and our families together by lessening contacts to others, and staying safe for each other.”


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