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Peripheries of the Milieu

Curatorial Statement:

When the pandemic hit, the nationwide lockdown was announced, it has transformed our lives unexpectedly. The world outside our window had turned towards confusion and insecurity. We have confined ourselves at home and the future feels very uncertain, beneath an insidious invasion by an unseen enemy. Pandemic isolates us collectively we all are into social and emotional seclusion fostering our sense of isolation from one another. Each of us is trying connecting along through our allegorical edges, imprisoned in our small geometries of perspective in portraying the limitations within our domains.

Throughout the chaotic clutter in our homes, we all have our metaphors to turn this time productive enough to be able to express ourselves through art, witnessing the visuals that we endure. Isolation, immobility, and impacts of economic inequity are the contemporary factors we all are prevailing through. The process of conceptualisation of this exhibition has been that of identifying the whole notion of an idea being encapsulated within our homes, by liberating the thoughts and activities that stir around us. Disseminating itself through the now-omnipresent, all-pervasive social media. The eleven artists featured in this online effort titled ‘Peripheries of the Milieu,’ have transformed their ideas with the testimony of metaphors for humanity exposed to this outbreak. Often the unseen terrors that provoke the imagination, the invisibility of the virus leads one to think about the many jeopardizes of our life and the society is facing. Featured artists based in different parts of India are specifying their understanding, of persisting along with this situation and magnified the absurdity of the moment. They have documented the phase of three months at their respective domains of isolation, also by contributing with a statement of their experiences. Each exhibit expresses about the environmental, social, political, and also highlighted upon sensitive mistreatment of women and vulnerable communities during the lockdown. While some artists have composed materials available from their surroundings to overcome the scantiness of the situation by offering the vision of an alternative future. Emancipating through the exploration in a wide range of mediums and techniques has vivid contemporary narratives here. Incorporation with the diverse categories labelled upon the expressive language confers in response to the fact of limits presiding in this exhibition.

The collective association with the artist's thoughtful and imaginative practices, while locked up in their homes, is delivering the visions of the metaphorical overview of this existing situation. As staying indoor is a safe space these days, art galleries now appear within the virtual domain of your phones and laptops are easily accessible. With a conviction in social distancing, this show evinces upon online platforms, aiming to explore the practice in a vivacious means. With hopefulness of exploring the relationship between variant forms of artistic expression in limitation during this dearth, is an effort made possible through the virtual world is distinguished over, ‘Peripheries of the Milieu.’

Curated and conceptualised by:

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Independent Curator and Museologist

Currently living & working in Baroda

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