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"Line that connects"

Hand stitched cloth

by - 

Anurag Mitra

Here a set of barbed wire not only defines an area but an image of a great conflict, it reminds many stories and sacrifices. With some historical events, this fencing influenced me to recall or assume a journey of the last Fifty years. This image mainly motivated me to engage with this collaborative project.

On the project, we tried to recreate the history of partition in a way. As the migrated community settled themselves in a new place with limited resources and recreated the space for living, I tried to repeat that journey in a piece of cloth. I  offered a piece of white cloth as a surface, to every family in the village and requested them to make a line by stitching. The villagers responded very positively to my appeal, especially the ladies.

Ultimately I connected all the collected pieces together and installed it, that created approximately 200-feet parallel white line in front of a bold black one (borderline). The conflict was interesting. Where the huge bold black line reminding about the massacre, migration, and suppression of the situation there the tiny white line and stitched motifs made on it expressing a positive will, a sense of creation and development.

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