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Video projection

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Chinmoy Deka

This was a community collaborative project which was held in Bamatia, Tripura. We have tried to establish an social art engagement with the children from that place and they have created some images. With those images given by the children, I have created a moving cube (digitally) and projected in 3D mode. There was 2 types of reality. First was the drawings of the children and the second was the 3D projection. So here the children were engaged in both socially and artistically. Through this work everyone was engaged artistically. And to represent social engagement they have given me the drawings of their. They have visualised their own works in a totally different form i.e. 3D form which resulted in their increasing visual interest. We have observed their growing interest in visual connection, excitement, cinematic experience, visual experience, visual interest, visual possibility. Therefore I believe that their increasing interest is the success of my work.

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