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"To the Society"

LED screen, structure covered with newspaper and video.

by - 

Debajit Rudra Paul

I was roaming through that village , more I was introduced to relations of the villagers with nearest India - Bangladesh border. My entire childhood also have been raised near border as our school and home is at the nearest place of border , we went to border from school everyday at lunch period to roam around and watch beauty of India and Bangladesh meeting somewhere peacefully. Sometime it feels like if there is no barbed wire , it can be easy to go there and meet our relatives also the places from which our ancestors been refused for some silly causes.  

In this residency I have mostly tried to engage with  the childrens of village. When I saw that they are making faces to mock each other while playing an urge to record those intresting gestures occured. To me it was like they are so brave to mock this whole situation of our society. Because when you are at the top of your emotions and you lost your words , you mock the situation by making your face . It was difficult convincing them to record their weird gestures of face , but later they have agreed at some point . So I have made a video using their footages and displayed middle of a rubber garden near Border. With this presentation, a mockery to the conspiracy that devided a land also to the conspirators who fired up the situations that turned into making a border has been conveyed. Also I made an abstract structure covered with newspaper to hang the screen. Those children have blood relation with the people who has been forcefully migrated from their beloved home and place . They might forget and forgive those leaders who  cause that situation  but deep down they still have scars that noone can see usually.

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