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Straw pulp

by - 

Gopa Roy

I made an effort to record the time, place, and imprints of a person. The road where I performed this work crosses the border and touches Bangladesh. It is the dead end of our locality and the nation. My grandmother used to tell me a lot of tales about how most of the villagers had emigrated from Bangladesh during the partition and riots of 72. These feelings and experiences directly or indirectly influence my artistic endeavours. I share some connection with the territory and its people. With the aid of a gate pass, numerous farmers or villagers cross the border line each day to work on their own fields. I made an attempt to preserve some emotion in this work using the straw pulp which was spread on the street in collaboration with the kids of the neighbourhood. The pulp was spread on the road in such a way that people have to leave their imprints on it as they pass by. the tyres of cycles and patrolling vehicles of BSF and even the animals left their foot prints on it.

The aim was to trace the movement of people or any entity who crossed to reach the border for any reason, and I wanted to capture and preserve the same on a surface, which in my case was straw pulp.

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